A little lie never hurts

A little lie never hurts

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A little lie never hurts

You know the proverbs “He who tells a lie will go to hell” and “A lie has short legs”? Like it or not, there are many reasons for quarrels, but perhaps the biggest reason is money and the lies surrounding it.

Opinions on spending money vary, and men and women have different views. Today, it is different than in the past when men were the sole breadwinners and the only ones making decisions regarding money. Men are less tolerant of women\’s mania for shopping and, quite frankly, it is beyond their mental comprehension.
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Women do not consider buying new shoes, handbags, or clothes a wasteful splurge, but gentlemen have a very different view. A survey of both groups would surely lead to the same conclusion. And you justify the purchase of a nice piece of clothing as a bargain for a loved one, usually not showing the actual receipt, and instead trying to get a little less than the actual price, not forgetting to emphasize that the last piece of clothing at a substantial discount was the bargain that was waiting for you.

At the beginning of a partnership, practical matters, including finances, are not often discussed. Minor expenses are alternately borne by the couple, and major expenses are always agreed upon in some form. If one partner is thrifty, believing that he will remain so in the future, it is not easy to get along with him in this regard, and disagreements will arise in this connection.
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The basic premise is to talk, to communicate, to pretend that nothing is actually happening and not expect things to work out, and this applies to the relationship itself This applies not only to the relationship itself, but also to money. It is important to be clear about what is to be paid and by whom, and whether everyone will have their own account or whether it will all come out of one account. It is probably impossible to advise what is right for everyone. The key is to come up with a joint solution and both parties agree to it. Also, one must take into account the fact that, over time, one may have to change the household financial system to fit the current situation.