Aroma Business

Aroma Business

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Aroma Business

The aroma business is based on the profit and sale of herbs in various forms. The basic forms of herbal businesses are the cultivation and harvesting of individual herbs, their drying and further processing. For example, a farmer may have a field of lavender, or chamomile, or other spices or herbs. After harvesting the fields, the farmer sells the harvested herbs and spices for further processing by drying them or infusing them for other uses, for example, immediately soaking them or making herbal drops.

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In this fragrance business, dried and fresh herbs are purchased, which are then sorted and further processed.

For example, lavender is packaged and resold to companies that use it in scented pillows, candles, soaps, etc. Or other herbs used as spices, for example cumin, are packaged, printed, and resold in the spice market. The spices are then either singled out or mixed, to which other ingredients such as salt or dried meat bouillon are typically added


The aromatic herb business involves a variety of herbs and their aromas mingling with each other to stimulate the sense of smell out of season. Herbs are also often used to make teas packaged in loose or individual sachets. In the past, the buying and selling of herbs was done through herbalist babas who knew which herbs to use for which ailments and how to use them. The days of herbalists are over, and their function has been taken over by specialized companies dealing with herbs and their processing.
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This business is conducted not only in our territory, but also in foreign areas where several types of herbs grow wild. Herbs are also sold to pharmaceutical companies and used in laboratories to produce various medicines. Would you enjoy working in this industry filled with aromas and flavors?