Behind the wheel with the rest of the veins.

Behind the wheel with the rest of the veins.

You get into the car and drive early in the morning after a party with alcohol. Or a few hours after drinking beer after lunch. You better think about it. It is possible that alcohol remains in the blood.

 nabouraný automobil

There are certain risks to getting on every car. We risk becoming involved in a traffic accident because of our own or someone else\’s fault. Why does an unpleasant or even tragic event unnecessarily increase the likelihood of meeting us? We just have to fit. If in doubt, postpone the ride or let another driver drive.


For our body, alcohol is a foreign body. As soon as the body detects its presence, it begins to get rid of it. Alcohol withdrawal is not an easy process and takes time. And because we are all a little different, of course, the length of this time is also different. In short, it\’s a very personal matter. We get rid of alcohol through urine, but also through sweating and breathing. A big role in the decomposition of this substance is played by our weight and height. But our gender too. Women are at a disadvantage in this process. The female body needs more time. 1. One of the reasons is that the average woman weighs less than the average man. For example, a man weighing 85 kilograms “burns” beer at 2 degrees in about 15 hours and 10 minutes. A woman weighing 60 kilograms will need about 4 hours to do this. And if they take 12, it is about three hours for men and about four and a half hours for women.  This is a bit unfair, but according to the findings of experts, this is so. So, dear ladies, beware of alcohol.

 žena a lahve s alkoholem

We are not all abstainers, at least sometimes we indulge in some alcohol. But if we are drivers, we should plan an event in which alcohol is drunk. If we want to drink a glass of something peaceful and sharp, always have another way to solve the transport in reserve. To leave the party, you can use a taxi in the morning to drive a bus or train. If you know that you need to drive in the morning, then the best solution is not to drink alcohol in the evening. The alcohol test can now be purchased and used for testing. But after drinking overnight, he will probably show some “level” of alcohol.