Cursed Orkney Island

Cursed Orkney Island

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Cursed Orkney Island

In the very north of Scotland,the Orkney Islandsare located. One of the smallest islands isAyn Hollow, translated as the Holy Isle. This island was abandoned in the 19th century due to the plague. At that time, all of the island\’s inhabitants left the island for fear of the disease, and the small island has been uninhabited ever since. However, Ein Harow has a much older history. Perhaps that is why the island continues to attract eager tourists. But they come here only once a year.
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A monastery on the island

The island used to be a destination for pilgrims. Probably various ceremonies were also held here. These days, only the ruins of a church and chapel built around the 12th century remain on the island. These ruins may have been part of a group of monasteries.
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Risks at Sea.
However, the island is only accessible one day a year, during the month of July. This is because Ein Harow Island is verydifficult to accessdue to the high tides. This makes it difficult to cross the ocean between the island and the mainland or to land on the island.

Myths and Legends
The island of Ein Harrow also has legends and is sometimes referred to as the Atlantis of Scotland. There are many myths about the island,as a cursedplace.
– One of the legends associated with the island is that it is ruled by Norse evil spirits. They are said to melt the island every time someone tries to enter it.
– Another myth is that of the mermaids. They are supposedly creatures that can change their appearance. They come to the island only during the summer months.
Orkney locals say that the island is geographically and historically between two worlds.
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Plague on the Island [36].
In 1851, the plague struck this small island. This forced families living on Ein Harow to leave their homes. To ensure that none of the islanders returned, the lord had the roofs of all the houses removed.