Do you still remember the phone booths?

Do you still remember the phone booths?

Nowadays, we encounter cell phones at every turn. Everyone has one and uses it for a variety of purposes, not just for making phone calls. But no one has had a cell phone for only about half of my life. And I could not even imagine that such a thing existed. Because our electronics industry was a hundred years behind the monkeys.

Back then, if you wanted to call someone, you had to have a phone line and luckily it worked and you knew the right number. If you did not have a landline, you had to go to some phone booth, put your crown in the machine, and make the call. Then, unless some vandal had ripped out the receiver, you could go to …….

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So calling from a cell phone today is definitely better than it was then.

Today, if someone wants to send a quick message to someone and has a cell phone, they send a text message. But back then, you couldn\’t do that with a landline or a pay phone. So you had to go to the post office and send a telegram from there. The telegram would be sent from that post office to the recipient\’s post office, and the postman would fly to the recipient with the printed message. In the best case, the postman received the telegram, but in the worst case, the addressee did not notice the telegram in his mailbox until one day.

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Back then, if you wanted to take a picture, you needed a camera and film. It was not like today, where you could just touch the screen of your cell phone and be done with it. If someone took a picture, you had to develop the film and take a picture. If you didn\’t get a good shot, you couldn\’t delete it, and the film was crawling with money.

And there are many other changes that cell phones have brought us. And they can all be seen as changes for the better. Except perhaps for the fact that back then, landline phones beeped in our pockets and no one disturbed us in theaters or movie theaters. Of course, that\’s because you couldn\’t stretch a telephone cord that far.