Enjoy cultural events with your kids – as soon as you know, it’s the right time to take them with you.

Enjoy cultural events with your kids – as soon as you know, it’s the right time to take them with you.

You like cultural events, visits to cinemas and theaters, but with children you do not dare to these events. When is the best time to take your child to the movies? 

Enjoy cultural events with your children – as you know it\’s the right time to take them with you. 

We have not been able to enjoy cultural events for a long time and many people have missed it. We are also pleased that today we can also go to concerts, theaters and cinemas. But if you want to enjoy a performance or movie screening in the cinema, you may be wondering where to go with your kids. The child is not always an obstacle. On the contrary, you can take them with you, and then they will also love cultural events, so you will know when to take your children to the cinema or theater and what you need to prepare. 

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Welcome Change

For children, even small children, cultural events and visits to cinemas can be a very welcome change. It\’s an experience, so it\’s a shame to waste it. Although it is clear that with the smallest children you need to first go to a children\’s show or a fairy tale in the cinema. It doesn\’t matter, no. You will spend time together and enjoy a different pastime than you are used to, and most importantly, the child will gradually acquire a relationship with similar behavior. Much better than sitting at home in front of a TV or computer. Take your child as soon as possible. 

But the child must be ready for a film or theater performance, and most importantly, you must be sure that the child will follow. Sitting still and not talking for 1-2 hours is a superhuman feat for many children. 

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Start slowly.

If you want your child to have a partner to participate in various events, try to take him to this from a young age. If the child does not stick to it, then the love for the theater and visiting concerts must be formed in the children, it is difficult to take him somewhere at a later age. The film is closest to the children, so start with the cinema. Animated fairy tales, short fairy-tale morning performances or some family films, be sure to start with this. Try it at home first. Your child can sit in front of the TV for at least 1 hour. If so, try going to the cinema. 

If it works, try children\’s play. For many children, cultural events are a welcome change, and you might wonder how much they enjoy it.