Home, sweet home!

Home, sweet home!

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Home, sweet home!

I dare say that there is no precise and correct definition of the word home. It is better to say that home means different things to different people. And just because someone does not consider home to be the same thing as us does not necessarily mean that they are wrong. Everyone likes different things. For some, home may be a place where they live alone. For another, it might be a house where they live with their family, for example. Some people consider the residence where they live with their pets or partner to be home, while others consider the house where their parents lived when they were children to be home.
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But one thing is certain!

Home should be a place where you want to go home. A place where you don\’t feel bad and where you feel safe and comfortable. After all, if you don\’t like your home, you won\’t want to go home and you will have bad memories of your home. Being happy at home is very important! After all, home is where you spend most of your day.

Even our Bohemian ancestors knew that…


… We Czechs must be safe in our own territory, and we must like the landscape that is our homeland. The national anthem of the Czech Republic speaks clearly about the beautiful Czech landscape. Fortunately, our Bohemian ancestors chose a landscape in the heart of Europe that is truly rich in beautiful and pure nature.
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The council eventually

Every person should feel that their home is a place where no one is restricted. There is, of course, the question of multiple siblings sharing a child\’s room. In such cases, each sibling should have his or her own place where no one can disturb him or her, where privacy is maintained, and where he or she can do his or her own thing. Otherwise, they should make their home as comfortable as they like, so that they feel most comfortable and not frustrated by the time they spend at home.