Housewives on holiday, exotic plants on the terrace

Housewives on holiday, exotic plants on the terrace

Houseplants after May will green up your patio or pergola or add an exotic and evocative look to a nice corner of your yard. At the same time, they will become more robust and lush as summer arrives. All that remains is to acclimate them to their outdoor surroundings and give them proper care.

After May, when almost all houseplants can be taken outside, move them out of the apartment to a location out of direct sunlight. Ensure that the plants do not fall over in the wind and, if necessary, secure them to a structure or move them downwind. Particular attention should be paid to tall plants and plants with large leaves that may be blown away by the wind.
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How to care for plants over the summer


Some plants prefer to be outside in the sun rather than indoors. Cacti and succulents such as agaves and aloes prefer full sun. Others include dahman, banana trees, fat trees, oleander, hibiscus, coconut trees, and yucca. Also suitable are citrus, passionflower, gardenia, bromelia, and other warm-season natives. Conversely, shade is suitable for fig trees, greens, dracaena, monstera, and Christmas cactus. Some plants, such as Monstera, grow in the shade of native tropical tall trees.

No matter what climate your plants are from, never expose them to strong direct sunlight for the first few days after you put them outside. If they are not gradually acclimated to direct sunlight, they may burn and take longer to heal. They can also get shocked if the temperature at night is cooler than indoors, so they need to be acclimated gradually as well.

Watering should be done in the morning or evening so that no water remains on the leaves after sun exposure. Droplets of water will look like small dandruff and may damage the leaves. Watering from the bottom of the pot will allow the water to rise up into the soil. Plants, especially those that are too dry, should be placed in a container filled with water so that the water soaks in from the bottom rather than running down from the top. At the same time, plants with particularly large leaves may need to be watered twice a day. On the other hand, if it rains, water should be allowed to drain from the pots so that the soggy plants do not rot.
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If you are growing flowering plants, fertilize them even twice a week. You can also decorate the outside with colorful annuals, bulbs, and tuberous flowers .