How to contact men

How to contact men

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How to contact men

If a woman likes a man, she first tells her closest friends. Once the friend finds out, one of the things she will definitely want is a picture of the man. The woman casually takes a picture of the man and sends such a one to her friend, who then evaluates whether such a man is suitable for her friend. If she decides that the man is suitable, the second phase begins. Phase 2

This phase is to find the man\’s contact information as quickly as possible so the woman can contact him as soon as possible.

žena v černé

Some women take the risk of asking men for their phone numbers or social networking contacts. However, such women are few and far between. In such cases, women solve the problem by seeking out male acquaintances and asking for their contact information. Often this is successful, and so it ends successfully for the woman.

Once a woman contacts a man, if it is a social network, she immediately looks to see if the man\’s information is public, such as where he is from or where he studied, Find out at least some information. She would also send the profile to her friend, who would also see the man and offer her opinion.

All that remains is to write to the man and hope he contacts her as soon as possible. Women can hold out until the next day, but they can\’t wait any longer.

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Women are very happy when they know they will hear back from a man. However, if the man does not respond after a few days, she and her friend will assume that he was not worth it and will look for another partner.

Men and women have very different situations when they like someone. Women are not as bold as men, often asking directly for a woman\’s phone number or social network. Women still have a lot to learn. It is possible that one day they will be able to do the same.