How to save

How to save

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How to save

Whether it\’s for retirement, a new kitchen, or your children\’s children, there are a few rules to follow for successful saving. They may be more or less important for everyone, but are definitely worth thinking about.


When saving money, it is important to know what you want to buy with the money you save. Or who you will deposit it with. This will motivate you to save money. However, it is also okay to “uncle savings”. It is also very important to make sure that one has enough patience for the long-term activity of saving.
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Only place small amounts in a savings account or under your pillow. This small amount is, for example, to round up the money in the account after making a payment or settlement. Or it could be a small amount left over after making a purchase.

Lack of curiosity

They don\’t watch their savings grow. Because they would want to spend it on something. On the contrary, the less you care about the amount of money you save, the bigger it gets. That amount can be invested in a new kitchen, for example, or left to the children.

The Cost of Saving

When saving, one must be aware that there is a cost to setting aside money for the future. That cost is inflation, which reduces the value of savings. But when we realize that, thanks to our small efforts, we do not have to take out loans for necessities, we realize that we have benefited after all. More precisely, we have saved our offspring a considerable amount of money in expenses.
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Few people today have a safe (or a jar made of straw) to store money at home. In fact, it is prudent to deposit one\’s savings in a relatively safe bank account. More important, however, is to make yourself safer by not creating a lure for thieves in your home.

Savings are important even if you have, for example, a mortgage or a car lease. After all, we could always be visited by an uncle who would take away our washing machine a week out of warranty, for example. And after all, if we could leave some of those pennies to our children, they would not be unhappy about it.