Installing these apps will make your life easier!

Installing these apps will make your life easier!

Using smartphones is a daily routine for us, and we love to use them for social networking and communicating from morning to night. But did you know that cell phones are not only a time saver for us? How? Try installing the following apps. For security reasons, always download from official stores such as Google Play or the Apple App Store!
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Shared Calendar

Long gone are the days of using the home bulletin board or kitchen counter desktop calendar to write down your kids\’ class meetings and doctor appointments. The electronic shared calendar is a much more efficient and straightforward tool. The app may already be installed directly on your device, or you can download it for free and install it on every family member\’s phone. You can have countless calendars with different names and share only the ones you need with everyone.

Text Translator

You may find this very useful while on vacation in a country where you do not have a language you speak, for example. You can write texts to be translated, but you can also speak or take pictures. It supports English and German as well as more exotic languages. A friend and I once used this method to translate the instructions for a dish we imported from China, and while the text was not fluent, it was enough for us to understand the instructions.
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It keeps track of your daily activity, calorie intake, and sleep quality and duration. It is also useful for dieting, weight management, and predicting menstrual cycles. The app can also track fertile and infertile days.

Loyalty Cards

Do you have a wallet full of loyalty cards from various stores, but you refuse to give them up? The perfect solution for you is an application that collects all these cards in one place. All you have to do is scan your card and then show the barcode at the store. The app also stores discount flyers for each store, and when you get near a store, the app will start offering specific cards and flyers.


A great tool if you occasionally use public transportation. It remembers where you live (and where you frequent), detects where you are, and provides you with the nearest stop and the best route home.