Involve Children in Easter Preparations

Involve Children in Easter Preparations

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Involve Children in Easter Preparations

If you celebrate Easter and want your children to gain something from the holiday, it is up to you to pass on as many family traditions and customs as possible. Each family celebrates Easter a little differently, so it\’s up to you to decide what your children will get out of it.

miska na vejce


If you want to decorate your apartment or house with spring or Easter decorations with your children, go to a creative supply store beforehand. Go to a creative supply store and buy the basics: wreath liners, ribbons, chicks, eggs, etc. You can make both beautiful wreaths for your door and spring decorations in pots. Plant seeds in the soil, and when they grow, you can plant yellow chicks, colorful eggs, or even homemade Easter eggs.
králíčci z perníku

Mazanecs, lambs

Bake traditional Easter treats such as mazanecs, lambs and Judas. When baking the sweets, it is a good idea to explain to the children the origin of the recipe, its relationship to Easter, and how it was made in the past. Most of these candy recipes are modern, and in the past they were made in a different way, simpler and with less fat and sugar. A little theory never hurts.

During Easter, color your Easter eggs. You can dye the eggs with natural or commercial food dyes. You can also use wax. Use wax to draw decorations on the eggs and remove the wax after dyeing, leaving an empty space in place of the wax.
hnízdečko ve vajíčku

Something new

Brighten up Easter by doing something new you have never done before. For example, bake cookies with your kids that will make this spring holiday scream. Use butter cookie dough to die-cut eggs and decorate them in style after baking. You can make them into Easter eggs or draw yellow chicks with shells. Kids will love decorating the cookies, and then you can hand them out along with the trick-or-treaters.