Large festivals around the world: Where do you go when “Rock for People” gets too small?

Large festivals around the world: Where do you go when “Rock for People” gets too small?

Czech festivals have the advantage that they are usually not as crowded as European or international festivals. Here you will find audiences in the tens of thousands, while in the world they are in the hundreds of thousands to millions. For example,Coachella, Glastonbury, the I Heart Festival, Rock in Rio, and the Tokyo Music Festival are all held annually with great success. But if you don\’t need to travel all over the world and only want to go to Europe or the big world-class festivals not too far away, today\’s article will advise you on where to go and what to see.
živá hudba

Head to Vienna

It\’s a relatively close and inexpensive event called Donauinselfest. It lasts three days and usually takes place during the second week of June. It is held in the middle reaches of the Danube, i.e., on one of the islands, rather than in the water of the Danube. According to the organizers, it attracts millions of visitors each year. Admission is free.
What can we expect to hear here?
Pop music
Brass bands
No kidding.
koncert v hale

Austria\’s Telekom Vort Festival

This festival is located on the Hungarian-Austrian border. Traditionally, one can see everything from30 Seconds to Mars to Iron Maiden.

Poland\’s Heineken Open Ar Festival

takes place in Gdańsk, lasting three days in June and July,primarily featuring Foo Fighters,Coldplay or Let Hot Chili Peppers [48 but also Polish classics.

If you like punk, rock, and punk rock, go to Nova Rock

Mostly rock and punk, with a little metal;System of a DowntoPendulum,Green Day,Good Charlotteto. There is something for everyone with a rocker\’s heart.
zpěvák na rukou

Rock am Ring

The most important German festival in Europe,from Rammsteinto BastilleandColdplaythe biggest names in rock perform here.