Let’s not be influenced by technology

Let’s not be influenced by technology

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Let’s not be influenced by technology

Mobile phones have been with us for a long time. In the past, only wealthy families had phones, and they were very different from the cell phones we have today. Because the phones could not memorize phone numbers, all phone numbers had to be written down in a book and had to be dialed in a complicated way. It was not as commonplace as it is today. Gradually, improvements were made so that most people could have a telephone, called a landline, in their homes, but only one per household. Today, however, it is quite different.


Today\’s children are growing up with cell phones in their hands, playing little kid games downloaded through apps. Cell phones are becoming more powerful, but also more fragile. At the same time, cell phones are pulling most of us into a reality that we have created for ourselves with our phones. Most teens use their cell phones as an escape from reality to feel better as they go through one of the most difficult times of their lives. We spend so much time on social media on our cell phones where today\’s reality is completely modified and has little to do with what actually exists.


Despite the many new possibilities unleashed by cell phones, we must remember that there is a world without such devices. Many of us start our day by checking our social networks, the news, the weather, and who knows what else. In the morning, we can go for a walk, sit in the garden and have a cup of coffee, and enjoy life as it is without having to make all sorts of adjustments.

With a cell phone, you can find out anything you want to know about anything or anyone. But wouldn\’t it be better to meet in a coffee shop and discuss everything face to face? For me it is. Our children may not know this for themselves, but we should set an example so they don\’t completely forget.