Love and jealousy

Love and jealousy

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Love and jealousy

Each of us is experiencing a sense of love in our lives. The fact that we love someone more than ourselves, the fact that we would do anything for others, and that he is our whole world, if we had never met such a person, at least we knew each other at home. With our mother, most of us have such bonds that she is everything to us. This is probably the first knowledge of love, but the knowledge of maternal love.
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Over time, we meet different individuals, and over time, we may fall in love for the first time, until we meet our dream partner. But some of us don\’t even have to look for long, and we meet the right one or the right one for the first good one. But there may be a state in which love grows when we are not completely sure about the relationship, or when we are suffering from a lack of confidence.
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They say we can\’t be jealous if we really love, but what if it\’s different? If some individual has genetically encoded it, they automatically fear losing their opponent. That\’s the problem, and it\’s hard to live with such a person. Perhaps these individualssuffer from low self-esteemor are harmed. That said, jealousy has nothing to do with love.

If we really love and trust someone, we don\’t care if that person is alone without us. If we trust this person, we know that they will remain loyal to us and look forward to the next moment together. Rather than being afraid of emotional experiences, we are afraid of losing ourphysical pleasure.Especially sex.
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As long as we are jealous of our counterparts, we can never hope that our relationship will last and succeed forever. In this way, we deprive a person of his freedom. Freedomthat she can\’t spend time with others, that she is nowhere without us, and as a result, we keep her at home all the time. In such a state, the relationship ceases to entertain others and remains with us only from inertia.

If we realize that we are in such a state, we need to consider whether we love enough to start trusting such a person