Modern decor is in vogue

Modern decor is in vogue

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Modern decor is in vogue

When it comes to interiors, there is always something to improve, beautify, renovate, or enhance. Some people want to visually enlarge a small room, while others want to make a large, spacious place smaller. And in fact, we want to show off to visitors how beautiful, modern, and cozy our homes are. Here are six ways to liven up your home with trendy decorations and finishes.

moderní kuchyně

1.Stickers and photo tape
– Š
A steel choice for any room and a variety of motifs.
– Purchase price depends on quality, motif and size.
– Large photo wallpapers are more expensive affair, but you can draw your family on the wall.
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2.3D flooring
– Beautiful floating floors, tiles, laminates are impressive but 3D flooring. It will amaze you.
– The only downside may be the purchase price, which is offset by its durability.
– It visually expands a room, which is why people most often put it in the bathroom.
– There are many great themes to choose from, and if you don\’t choose one, you can use your own photos.

3.Unconventional photo frames
– This inexpensive way to improve your decor as well as show off your beautiful family .

4.Revive old/new furniture
– It\’s a chest of drawers that you have a lot of love for, but it doesn\’t fit your apartment or home. Paint it with a paint that looks good or cover it with a modern patterned wallpaper.
– You prefer something retro, but modern everywhere. Even new furniture can be repainted retro.

5.stone tile
– This tile does not only need to be outdoors, it can beautifully bathroom, kitchen, living room or hallway.
– Looks natural, lots of choices, very modern.
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6.Proper decoration
– Here you can choose according to your imagination.
– Purchase prices start from a few crowns.
– Modern decorations can be bought on every corner, but the important thing is that they are in proper harmony with the others.