music, playing

music, playing

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music, playing

It is said that all Czechs are musicians. There are probably many people in your neighborhood who are involved in music, either professionally or just as amateurs. Beautiful melodies create a pleasant atmosphere and are part of many social events, such as balls, concerts, fashion shows, and plays. We hear music all around us from an early age, children love music, and it is only right to lead them to it.

žena s houslemi


Some people fall in love with music as a child, others are born into a musical family. Art is a profession, and talent alone is not enough, though only great diligence and hard work can lead to success. Graduates of conservatories become musicians, playing in orchestras and bands or pursuing solo careers. Czech musicians are known throughout the world. Among the world-famous violinists are Jaroslav Svěchenyi, Václav Huděček, and, in the younger generation, Pavel Špölkl, with his distinctive scarf. But these are only a few names of those who give pleasure with their art and for whom art is a way of life and a hobby.
kytarista na kameni

Just a little humming for pleasure

But most people make do as a hobby and play to entertain themselves and others. And when enthusiasts get together, amateur music ensembles and groups see the light of day. In Moravia, the dulcimer was the preferred instrument, and in Czech pubs, the harmonica was the queen of the accordion.

[The flute and piano are popular with children. Whatever instrument it is that produces pleasant melodies thanks to the human hand, it is also the instrument that energizes us spiritually.