No need to go to the office anymore

No need to go to the office anymore

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No need to go to the office anymore

With so many people working computer-related jobs these days, it is nice to go home and take a breather from the daily computer work. However, the Internet can be used effectively at home as well. For example, it can save time in communicating with the authorities.

For a very long time, i.e. since the year 2000, our parliamentarians have been working on a digitalized administration. It not only reduces a large number of administrative staff, it saves citizens\’ time, but at the same time, it gives them all the necessary informationthat every citizen should know and can use in real life. because not everyone is interested in politics or legislation, including enacted laws and amendments.
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The so-calledtrial versionof the public news portal was launched around 2003, and the service was said to cost about 40 million kronor. At the time, those who tried to use the portal were quite disappointed (business people)

because they could not enter without an ID.

[But today, if you need to do something with the authorities, if you need to obtain the necessary information and at the same time print, fill out, and submit a form, at the moment you can use the public news portal is fully functional and we believe it will save a lot of time and energy. It is available to all citizens, including foreigners, as well as businessmen and, of course, government employees.

The required forms, as well as important information and tips are available. Information on both the Czech Republic and the EU can be found on the portal
of the Ministry of Labor and Social Services and the portal of the MVCR(Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic), which is a must for foreigners wishing to reside in the Czech Republicor who are already there. will surely use it;know the collection of laws and regulations,access the list of data sitesand find out the latestinformation on public procurement;
access the MVCR portaland the MVCR
for foreigners who want to reside in the Czech Republicnové technologieand foreigners already residing in the Czech Republic
nové technologie

These citizen-oriented websitesshould be updated in a timely manner and with new legislation. That would be perfect. Hopefully, it will make it easier for all of us to deal with the authorities.