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Culture. This is a very interesting topic, considering that every possible cultural event has been completely silenced for the past two years. That is why now is the time to get it going again. This year\’s cultural events are all over the place. Various festivals, concerts, and even a few balls that had to be postponed due to the measures of the times. Have you decided where to go this year?


I think cultural events are an opportunity to meet new people. It\’s one of my favorite activities. Every new person brings knowledge and new experiences. Everyone who comes into your life leaves their mark on your life. Whether it is positive or not. I like to find that in every cultural event. Who really deserves to be included in my life and who doesn\’t.

Of course, culture is not just about meeting new people and their stories. It\’s about being somewhere together. More people are there as a community, hearing something, seeing something. In difficult times like today, we don\’t know what will happen next week, and even tomorrow may not be the same as today. So let us cherish every moment we have with those we love. Let us take a cultural tour of our beautiful country and cherish the fact that it is ours.

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Our culture is exceptionally beautiful. Of course, every culture in every part of the world has something to offer. But for us, our culture should be the most beautiful. I myself love to travel and experience the different cultures of the world. But I always like to come home. To this very small village and to a country that everyone can understand without having to learn a foreign language. Where we know the history that has shaped and created our culture. Our culture is unique and we must cherish it. Not only for ourselves, but also for our children. Let us cherish our culture as we cherish every moment of our lives.