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What is a PC? In English it is a personal computer. Do you have your own personal computer? If so, you know it well. What it contains, what its features are, is it a gaming computer or an office computer for work?

I myself do not know much about computers. But when I took IT classes when I was in school, I was good at that subject and so on. I was a geek.


In today\’s article, I will explain what computers are and should contain. And what computers are for.

Now, think back to your school days. Let\’s take a sheet of paper and write down what a basic computer should have. Yes, so which computer, nowadays computers are both desktops and laptops. So first write down desktop and laptop. They are a mixture of the same thing, but you can still turn on the clock memory.

A desktop computer should include a screen, speakers, keyboard, mouse, and a basic crate to run the computer.

A laptop computer should have everything built in, except for those familiar with the mouse on a desktop computer.


And what can a computer do? What for. Is it really necessary?

I myself had my first computer when I was 15. Yes, I did. It helped me a lot with my schoolwork.

I think every student should have a computer. Back when students were at home and more familiar with computers, i.e., when even sophomores had parental help. They would need an office computer for that.

And if we wanted to play fun party games from morning to night. We\’re going to play multiplayer with friends, we should buy a gaming computer.