Production history of the first Skoda 105, Skoda 120 and Skoda 130 series

Production history of the first Skoda 105, Skoda 120 and Skoda 130 series

In 1977 the Skoda 120LS was launched, which was even the flagship of the Mladar Boleslav automaker. This year, for the first time under the hood of the car appeared an upgraded 4.22-speed transmission, which will remain in the car until the end of production (with a few exceptions).
škoda kabriolet

Year 1978

The first prototype of the Skoda 120GLS, the most luxurious car ever in Skoda, leaves the plant. The fuel indicator symbol in the shape of a pump stand has settled on the instrument panel.
žlutá škoda

Year 1979

Rear plastic spoiler, plastic cover instead of chrome, GLS model front seat self-shrinking seat belt. That was the main news of the year. Next, it was a more powerful alternator, ignition coil, new carburetor control, and a whole new aluminum radiator Sofico, which replaced its steel predecessor.

Year 1980

The wheelbase was extended by 2 cm and the width of the new wheel was already 13 inches. This softened the suspension of all cars. An upgraded starter was used to complete the propulsion system, and a new heater was placed in the cabin.

Year 1981

Production of luxury versions of 105GL began, some with oval headlights. The bumper changes from chrome to prepreg. Halogen lamps are standard for all vehicles, and brake boosters are standard for all vehicles, and a new tank is secured against gasoline leakage (rollover) in the event of an accident.
škoda octavia

Year 1982

All cars now have plastic exterior mirrors, and the first two-seater models, the Skoda 120LE and the Skoda 105SP, have come out of the factory.

Year 1983

Radical change in the appearance of the body of all cars. Molded headlights, new taillights, expansion of front and rear axle tracks, new polypropylene bumpers, new oil lubrication and a new front mask with an extension of the oil change interval. There will also be a new clutch, a new Jikov SEDR carburetor and, above all, the long-awaited rack and pinion steering that replaces the nut gearbox. The tachometer already has a daily odometer, and the GLS car has a angular axis with a curved articulated drive shaft.