Should I use a universal cell phone charger?

Should I use a universal cell phone charger?

When you buy a new cell phone, its packaging will most likely include a charger. This is designed specifically for that device and ensures optimal charging, i.e., the shortest charging time and longest battery life.The problem is that chargers are overwhelmingly lost or damaged. This is due to the fact that they are used more frequently and not given as much attention as the cell phone itself. It is easy to take them on vacation and lose them or damage the cables or the charger itself.

hry jsou na baterii náročné

What to do in such cases? Many people reach for inexpensive universal chargers. Many phones these days have the same end caps, so finding one that fits yours relatively cheaply should not be a problem. Of course, one can buy the genuine product directly from the manufacturer, but that is much more expensive, and most people don\’t want to pay unnecessarily for something they can get cheaply.

The question is, is this really the best solution for our mobile? After all, we all know that these universal parts are usually not up to the quality of the genuine article. Or is this a rare exception?

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Here it depends on what you expect from it. If all you want is to charge your cell phone battery when you need it, you will be satisfied. Especially if you don\’t use your cell phone very often and therefore don\’t need to charge it that often.

The problem comes when you use it almost every day. The dimensions of the tip are correct, but it doesn\’t fit perfectly. After all, each model is slightly different. As a result, the contacts on the phone where the battery is charged get damaged after a while. This essentially damages the battery.

One must also consider the fact that the quality of materials and construction, especially in the cheapest types, is not always top notch. As a result, the service life is also significantly shorter, which only adds to the additional cost. Thus, the question is whether it is really worth buying.