The Colors of the Ostrava International Music Festival

The Colors of the Ostrava International Music Festival

The site of the former smelter, mine and steelworks in Dolnívítkovice is the traditional venue for the 2024 Ostrava multi-genre International festival Colours. Every year, music lovers gather from all over Europe. It will not change this year. On the day of 17. –  20. 7 May In this place of breathtaking atmosphere, it is possible to experience the concerts of both domestic and world bands. Also interesting plays and workshops. And lovers of delicious dishes will also come to their senses, and for it dishes of many international dishes are prepared throughout the festival.

Colours of Ostrava

This year, 7 music stages will be played by 70 foreign bands and more than 30 domestic bands. Many performers appear on stage for the first time, so when listening to different genres, the audience is waiting for a lot of surprises. Rock, blues, world music, electronics, pop, punk, neoclassical, jazz, soul, hip hop, funk, dancehall and reggae. According to the organizers, there are music from more than 6 countries on 30 continents. And it is sure that every visitor will find their favorite style. The play takes place on 3 stages. In addition to the Vítkovice Gong stage, there are also the European stage and the New York stage. The expected event is the production of Malta. This is based on the famous singer Martakubičová. 


The new year is Meltingpot-storytelling tent. Those who are interested in spoken language can not only tell their life experiences, but also stop and listen to the stories of people who want to share the heritage of their ancestors, their wisdom. It allows us to know not only the world around us, but also the world inside us. They perform here as doctors, Zen Buddhist monks, or healers and guardians of nature in India. This is the 2nd time this year, and you can take a tour of the Cacao Stage on the coast of Central America. A place where they can experience dance and movement workshops. In the extended version, it will be possible to try special devices that can test both biological age and fitness. Or the physiotherapist made a diagnosis of the foot and how to walk.