The dreaded love triangle – how to deal with it?

The dreaded love triangle – how to deal with it?

You may have been telling yourself all along that it couldn\’t happen to you, and now you are asking yourself how you can get out of it. Another partner has unexpectedly entered into a happy and successful love triangle.
Even if you fight with yourself and tell yourself that it is not right to be in a relationship with two partners at the same time, it is often more tangled up than you would like.muž a ženy

Which is right and which is wrong?

Both women and men are in a position to divide love into two parts in their lives. But most of the time, a relationship with both partners fulfills one of them to the point that they don\’t want to let go of the other.
However, it goes without saying that this cannot be the case forever.
The same is true in your case, if you have two women by your side, or conversely two men by your side, you will have to ask yourself which is the better choice for you before it is exposed. In this case, there is a high probability that both will leave you.

Low self-confidence issues

People who fall into love triangles usually have low self-esteem issues.They are unable to articulate what they want from a relationship or partnership, nor can they articulate to their partner what is lacking in the relationship. If they really want to avoid unpleasant situations and the loss of loved ones, they need to choose a partner with whom they can have a lifelong, fulfilling relationship.
Most of the time, one is always about infatuation or romance, and the only reason we keep it is because we miss something. Whether it is stability in life, passion, more attention, or a higher quality of love, there is just one person who can give it to us.visací zámek
The exception is when you realize that neither partner is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. However, that does not mean that one cannot find a partner right away. But in order to do so, one must let go of the insecurity and end a relationship that is going nowhere.