The End of Childish Games

The End of Childish Games

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The End of Childish Games

Time moves at an alarming rate, and this is especially true for children. The preschool years pass like water, the school obligations that supplant this joyous age pass in a flash, and suddenly there are teenagers standing in the way, deciding what to do next with their lives. One of those pivotal moments is choosing a high school. What is needed to successfully enroll in the school of choice ?

In the third year of junior high school, you must seriously consider choosing a high school. It may seem like an entrance exam is right around the corner, but believe me, it\’s not.
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Don\’t underestimate your choices

It\’s hard to make decisions about your future life at the age of 14. Many children are unable to articulate it. Of course, we should consider the child\’s wishes and ideas, but we should also be realistic about the child\’s abilities and learning talents. Counseling at a special education center can also help with this issue.

Once these initial steps have been taken and you have at least an idea of what to do next, then there is the choice of school. You can choose either a state school or a private school. Elementary schools should distribute a booklet to their students listing all secondary schools and vocational schools. If you have local secondary school students, be sure to ask for their experiences and opinions. If you have already narrowed down your choices and are still undecided, take advantage of open days. You can also prepare yourself for the entrance exam. Most schools offer preparation courses, and you can take a practice exam at the end of the course.
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But the basis of it all is that the child has the necessary knowledge, aptitude, and above all, the desire to study. If they do not have the brains to study, then an apprenticeship system, with its much lower demands on learning, would be a better choice.