Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day Gifts

Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kershner\’s book How to Get Along with People You Don\’t Get Along With provides some guidelines. 12] Ten types of peopleare described. and some of us have some problems because we are too tied to our habits and are unwilling to abandon them. The witty and appropriate names alone suggest what type they are likely to be. You\’ll have to judge for yourself.

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Just pick the type that best fits your partner and cut to the chase. Then follow the plan in the book, How to Get the Best out of Your Type, which includes the Valentine\’s Day wish, “How to Understand and Love Your Partner More,” and actually try it out.

So, for example, you will find that your beloved fits the type . You will know that he knows everything and knows everything best. He can talk for hours and hours about anything, but he rarely gives you the space to express your opinions and insights. And even when you do offer an opinion, he usually rejects it, questions it, or makes you uncomfortable.

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Next, learn what steps to take to understand and work with this type.

  1. You must approach the omniscient type witha clear mind,concise and articulate expressionsand well thought out and prepared. Otherwise, the Almighty will quickly discover the error and trample on our ideas, opinions, and thoughts. 60]

  2. To convince the Almighty that we are listening to and accepting His perfect ideas and opinions, it is good to repeat what He says from time to time. It is good to repeat from time to time what the Almighty says in order to convince the Almighty that we have listened to and accepted his perfect thoughts and opinions. Our sincere interest and respector admiration is important. By doing so, we will have this type on our side, and he will have interest and respect for us.

It may happen that more than one type applies to someone. In that case, it is up to us to decide how to construct the steps to understand that type.