Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security

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Vehicle Security

Different types of security have their good and bad sides. There are basically three groups– car alarms, immobilizers, and stolen vehicle tracking systems. Car alarms emit visual and acoustic signals when the car or its parts are attacked. Immobilizersprevent the engine from starting, potentially allowing the stolen vehicle to drive itself. Vehicle tracking systemsallow the vehicle to be located during or after theft. Most effective is a combination of all three security methods.

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Car alarms

The operating principle of a car alarm is that it signals, optically (flashing lights) and acoustically (sounding siren), that one of the guard zones of the vehicle has been attacked. However, in cities with dense housing and crowded parking lots, few people pay attention to cars honking their horns. Alarms are useful, for example, if one parks one\’s car on one\’s property and is in close proximity. Some alarms are equipped with a GSM module that sends information about the activated alarm to a cell phone.


The use of immobilizers can be very effective. Newer cars are equipped with immobilizers from the factory. Retrofitted immobilizers can cause problems during warranty repairs because the car\’s wiring has been tampered with, which is undesirable for the manufacturer. Not only would this result in loss of warranty coverage, but it could also lead to damage to the car.
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Vehicle search systems

Basically, there are two ways to search: first, the location of the vehicle is determined using GPS and sent along with the location data in a mapping document to the dispatch center via the GSM network, or it can be This method transmits the data directly to an application on the phone. However, GPS and GSM signal jammers are commercially available, and the search system is ineffective when using them.

A second method is to use wireless networks that cannot be jammed. These systems can also have their own power source, so they are not dependent on the car\’s battery and, above all, are much more difficult for potential thieves to track.