Wash Wisely! 5 Tips for Clean and Fresh Laundry

Wash Wisely! 5 Tips for Clean and Fresh Laundry

It doesn\’t matter how often you wash your clothes. Colored socks in white laundry and shrunken new cashmere sweaters still happen on a regular basis. To avoid unpleasant surprises and make your laundry and washer last as long as possible, follow these tips.
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1. Sort your clothes

It may seem obvious, but when time is short, it is not unusual to dump the entire contents of the laundry basket into the washing machine drum. However, in order to keep white laundry bright and other colors vibrant, it is necessary to at least sort the laundry into whites, blacks, and colors. Follow label directions when setting the temperature. For normal stains, 30 degrees Celsius or lower is fine.

2. Get a laundry net

For less than 100 yen, you can get a gadget to protect your favorite items. Laundry nets keep an eye on underwear, nightgowns, and delicate blouses and prevent them from being damaged in the washing machine. Plus, you can wash socks with it, so you don\’t have to worry about imperfect socks anymore.

3. Use less detergent

Are you using stain remover and fabric softener in addition to washing gel for white, black and colored clothes? You are putting extra strain on your wallet! One detergent and softener is all you need, nothing more.

4. Remove stains now

This tip is not new, but it is very valuable. If you have a stain on one of your favorite pieces, remove it now. Lemon juice and salt can remove red wine, vodka can remove lipstick, and overnight milk can remove ink stains.
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5. Clean the washing machine too

Cleaning the washing machine is often forgotten. However, regular attention and care of your washing machine will help it function longer and produce quality laundry. Clean the compartments so that no powder or gel remains in them, and don\’t forget the laundry drum.