When a man becomes a father.

When a man becomes a father.

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When a man becomes a father.

When a man becomes a father, his worldview can completely change. What does this mean? Some men cannot imagine what it would be like to be a father and what kind of father they would be if that baby were born. In the unlikely event that he does have a child, believe me, after that child is born, he will be a completely different man.

By law, a man must help his partner with the housework for 14 days and then return to work. But in those 14 days, he will realize how wonderful it is that he has become a father. Because he will come to love the child in question very much and will look forward to the end of his working hours and being able to go home to his child.

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What any man can soften, be it daughter or son, is the child that is born.

It is clear that the father has a different attitude toward his daughter and toward his son. However, he must be very pleased with both of them.

Within 14 days of the father\’s arrival in the house, the child in question may even come to believe that he is most content if he can sleep with his father. The mother may not be too happy about this. Especially since the mother will be taking care of the child for the next few years, if, for example, the child in question cries at the mother\’s place instead of at the father\’s, the child will initially have a hard time getting used to it.

There is a lot to be prepared for, and a lot that is not easily prepared for. But everything can always be resolved in some way in the end.

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Even though your husband may not want children yet, trust that he will be attached to you when they are born. Do not worry about your husband not wanting children. Your husband will love the child and will ultimately be happy that you have a healthy baby.

Many people change when a baby is born. It\’s probably the same case.