Where do call centers get our phone numbers

Where do call centers get our phone numbers

Perhaps one of the most annoying things that can happen to a cell phone owner is a call from a telemarketing company trying to convince us that they have the best deal for us. However, many people ask where these companies got our number. Additionally, you may notice that they often call you by name. How is this possible?

If you ask the operator talking to you where they got your number, they will most likely say it is in a database or randomly generated. He is instructed to answer that, but in reality, he usually does not know exactly where the number came from either.

krádeže telefonních čísel jsou poměrně časté

In fact, there are basically two sources from which businesses obtain phone numbers: first, the businesses themselves provide them (for a fee, of course), and second, the businesses themselves provide the numbers to their customers. The goal here is either to attract new customers or to persuade existing customers to switch to a more expensive rate plan. Thanks to the telemarketing company, the operator does not have to use its own staff.

Another option is for one of the telemarketer\’s employees to download the numbers onto a flash drive, for example, and take them away before selling them. Of course, such an act is illegal, but with today\’s technology it is really difficult to even know that this has happened.

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Of course, one can ask whether the worker is worth the risk. If it is discovered, he will not only lose his job, he will be prosecuted. So is it really worth stealing?

In fact, it is. As mentioned earlier, just discovering that someone has copied the numbers to a flash drive, for example, is not always easy, especially since most of them are really small. The whole process only takes a few seconds, too. But the greater motivation is, of course, money.

Indeed, the amounts here range from 10,000 to 15,000 crowns per number.

But in any case it means one thing to us.