Why you can’t find your ideal partner

Why you can’t find your ideal partner

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Why you can’t find your ideal partner

Who wouldn\’t want to find the ideal partner in life? After all, it is one of the things we need in our lives. To have a great partner with whom we can hit it off and share common thoughts and experiences. For many people, it is the only way to make life meaningful.

However, there are many people who do not have a life partner and do not even have the vision to meet one yet. Why is that?
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We are too focused on finding a partner

The biggest problem is that we are too focused on finding our ideal partner. Often we say we want a partner, and that wish does indeed come true. This is because our wish is to want, and therefore we can always only want what we want. Furthermore, sometimes it is better not to focus on finding a partner.

Staying in an unhappy relationship

When we start dating someone, we often feel that they are not the one for us. They have the idea that they would rather be with someone than be alone. This is a big problem, because not only are they not the ideal partner, they are also unhappy.

Finding a Partner on Dating Sites

Frankly speaking, even if the percentage of people who find their ideal partner on dating sites is small, it is usually not. On the other hand, dating sites are full of strange entities and people who make fun of them. Moreover, much of the information on dating sites is false, and photos are downloaded from the Internet. And when it comes to actually meeting, many are surprised.
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Scientists study relationships all the time. They believe that we choose our mates by sight, smell, and hearing. These senses work automatically without our knowing it. Women are said to use their sense of smell the most. By smelling, they are able to find the most compatible mates possible, a combination of genetic opposites, so that their offspring will be healthy. The problem, however, is women who use hormonal contraceptives. In their case, natural odor perception is distorted and they smell the most similar genes.