Women are not allowed in

Women are not allowed in

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Women are not allowed in

From time to time, I hear men say that the prices at beauty salons have gone up. A man with short hair is usually charged around 100,000 yen for a haircut and a wash. He can usually stay for a few minutes and leave. Women usually sit in the beauty salon much longer, two hours or so for hair coloring, chatting, drinking coffee or water, and relaxing. Men are in the hairdresser\’s rather taken as a distraction and don\’t go as often. Many men cut their partner\’s hair at home or cut their own hair with a machine.


However, the tradition of men\’s barbershops was once here, and today, newly opened upscale barbershops in all major cities are trying to build on it. It should be a place purely for men, with both men and barbers, where men can relax, have their favorite drink or coffee, and chat with other men. It\’s honest care and work, not over-the-top fast work. More branches are opening under the fancy nameof Barber Shops. Of course, the prices are a bit different from your average barbershop, and gentlemen, like ladies, must be prepared to dig deep into their wallets. But not only hair is groomed, but beards as well. Given the current fashion for beards, many men may find this useful.

What kind of service can I expect at a barbershop?

– Machine haircuts
– Classic haircuts
– Eyebrow grooming
– Hair washing
– Beard steam and grooming
– Ear tanning
– Head massage
– Razor shave
– Facials


In addition, magazines can be read, sometimes with live music, and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available.
For thrifty men, this may seem like a waste of money, but those who like to be pampered will find something to their liking. A monthly visit won\’t cost you a fortune, but it will relax you, refresh you, and most importantly, make you look and feel beautiful.